Technical Documentation

Tech Manuals - A Complete Documentation Resource

Below is a complete source for all the documentation that was originally shipped with your Fadal machines.

We found many customers have lost or misplaced their original Fadal Manuals such as these:

  • Maintenance Manual - Complete Resource, 700+ pages covering just about everything for most models (52 meg PDF download).
  • Parts Manuals - Assembly Drawings for almost all models to help identify parts and part numbers.
  • User Manual - Over 600 pages of operation and programming of the Fadal control (4 meg PDF download).
  • Operations Manual - Basic machine operation (1.3 meg PDF download).

Other Helpful Manuals

Click For Quick PDF Link To Common Topics:
Error Messages:
A complete list of error messages from the CNC such as faults, motor overloads or programming errors.

Error Codes:
A complete list of error code numbers such as faults, motor overloads or programming errors.

Electrical Wiring Diagrams:
All about AC and DC Amplifiers, SV command, Axis Motors, Lube, Cool Screws, Gibb and Squareness Adjustments. 

Axis Drive System:
All about AC and DC Amplifiers, SV command, Axis Motors, Lube, Cool Screws, Gibb and Squareness Adjustments. 

Emergency Stop Circuit:
An explanation of how the Emergency Stop circuit work and schematics. 

Spindle Drive System:
All about Inverter adjustments and wiring, Spindle Motor, Hi/Low Idlers, Belt and Drawbar Replacement - All about Spindles.

Brushless Amplifier Adjustment:
How-to guide on adjusting your brushless amplifier. 

Fadal Motor Damage Protection:
How-to guide on keeping your Fadal motors healthy and active.

Common Causes of Spindle Failure:
The five main reasons spindles fail. 

PDF Search TIP - When you click on a topic below, the PDF file which contains the information will load, some of the files are 60+ pages.
Most PDF viewers have a search function that allows you to enter a keyword to search.  Using the search feature makes it easier to locate needed information.
You can also save/print the PDF file for future use.

Service Information Not In The Manuals - From The Fadal Experts:
Spindle Drive - The spindle drive system has multiple failure points that need to be considered; it's not always the Drive or the Spindle Motor. 
Spindle Drive Functional Diagram: A page link for more information about the Spindle Drive System and possible failures.

Motor Encoders - Simple ways to test the spindle and axis motor encoder.
About Encoders:  A page link for more information about the encoders and easy ways to test them.

Helpful YouTube Videos

At-Man Unlimited Machining provides a helpful in-depth walk thru about the Fadal Legacy Control and general electronics to help those interested in servicing their machines.
At-Man Unlimited Machining provides some of the basic commands needed to operate the Fadal VMC.


TOTAL ENGINEERING SUPPORT - with us you're not just getting the usual "Part In A Box!"

Here's four key examples of the Total Support our customers receive:

Diagnoses - Direct help in determining if you really do need to replace the part. When working with engineers that design the machine, we can help determine if there's other elements in the system that also need to be addressed before replacing a suspected failed part.
Documentation - We provide very simple and concise, step by step enhanced instructions on how to install and get your replacement part in and running.  With our documentation we also include Preventative Maintenance tips to help avoid future failures.
Warranty - Just like "the old days", we value our relationship with each and every customer.  We are driven by fairness and committed to your satisfaction. Click on the About Us page to learn about what made Fadal so successful and how it guides us today.
Support - With the combination of our Fadal engineering knowledge and direct interaction with Baldor and Glentek engineers, you are getting the absolute best product support possible at installation and beyond.
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