1020 Clock Cards


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About the Fadal 1020 Clock Boards

Location on Motherboard (1060) - Slot 15
1) The Clock Board (1020) generates the system clock signals used set the servo speed for both feedrates and rapid motion.
2) Generates the Sine / Cosine excitation signals for the resolver position feedback. Both signals exit the 1060 Motherboard to the Resolvers via the molex J1 for the X motor, J2 for the Y motor, J3 for the Z motor, etc. The Sine / Cosine output adjustments are very critical to the resolver feedback for the DC servo system.  It cannot be correctly tested or adjusted without the proper equipment! Note: for testing the Sine / Cosine at the Motor Resolver, Click Here and locate section "Testing A Resolver".
3) The feedrate override control pot signal from the pendant is input at connection J1. The pot modifies the the feedrates when M49 is not in affect in the program or MDI.
4) Generates the CPU system interrupts for operation. Without this function working properly the 1400 CPU board would seem to "lock-up" while waiting for the timing pulses.

Compatibility with the 1400 CPU Boards:
The 1020-0F, 0G and 1B are compatible with all CPU boards; 1400-1 thru 1400-5.
The 1020-0D is only compatible with the 1400-4 and -5 CPU boards.

No Clock Board in Slot #15?
If the machine is operating with 1060 Slot 15 empty then it must be using the 1030-1C board that was designed to eliminate the 1020 board for AC Brushless machines (it's not used for DC machines). This Clock function on the "combo" board can be problematic. To revert back to using the normal 1020 clock board, simply remove the jumper on the 1030-1C board that is labeled "CLK EN" and install the 1020 board in 1060 slot #15.

After Installing the 1020 board:
First, adjust the Master Feedrate

Without adjusting R6, the rapid moves and feedrates could be too fast or too slow. If too fast, it could cause motor overload in rapids.
The replacement board is adjusted by potentiometer R6 on the Clockcard (1020), after installing in slot #15.
This is the second potentiometer from the bottom as the card is in the machine (it can also be found just above the feedrate potentiometer connector).

The adjustment procedure is as follows:
1) Enter the command PR <ENTER>
4) Press #6 (EXIT)
5) From the prompt ENTER NEXT COMMAND type in IN <ENTER>

Enter the following program:
  N1 G91
  N2 X-20. F100. G1 G8 M49
  N3 X20.
  N4 X-20.
  N5 X20.
  N6 X-20.
  N7 X20.
  N8 M2_ _
6) From the prompt ENTER NEXT COMMAND: Type in SETCS then send the machine using the HO command.
7) Position the X axis at +10 inches if travel is less than 40 inches on X. Enter the SETX command.
8) Push the AUTO key to begin program execution.
9) When the program is complete, the time will be shown in the top right-hand corner of the video display. The move should take 72 seconds +1.5/-0. Note: for older machines, you will need to use a stop watch.
10) If not, adjust potentiometer R6 until the move takes 72 seconds +1.5/ -0 to complete.

Second, check the Servo Balance and adjust the Feedrate Pot when set at 0%
During feed motion, setting the Feedrate Pot to zero percent should stop the motion. This needs to be adjusted when changing a 1020 Clock Card.
1) After cold starting the machine go to Manual Data (MD command) mode.
2) Enter “X-10. G0” <ENTER> <START>
3) Enter “X20. G1 F100. M49” <ENTER>
4) Observe the following error number while axis is moving.
5) Enter “X-20.” <ENTER>
6) Observe the following error number while axis is moving. This number should be the same as in the positive direction. If not, adjust the Amplifier Balance Pot.
7) Set the feedrate pot on 100%.
8) Enter “X20. G1 F100. M48” <ENTER>
9) Observe the following error number while axis is moving. If the following error is the same as before then it is set correctly. If it is not, turn Balance pot until the following error is the same in both directions.
10) Turn feedrate pot to 0%.
11) Enter “X0 G1 F100. M48” <ENTER>
12) If the X axis does not move then it is set correctly. If the X axis moves, adjust R19, the third pot up from the bottom on the Clock board for no movement.
14) <MANUAL>

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