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We ship the 1010 Axis Bards by default.
When ordering a Spindle Card, let us know in the comment section when checking out.

About the Fadal 1010 Axis Boards

The XYZAB axis cards are the same except for these three things:
   1) For the 1010-1, the axis pitch error compensation is stored on the eproms and can be transferred to the new card.
   2) All higher dash numbers(4-6) store the pitch error compensation directly on the axis card and can be transferred to the new card using the SV command to copy into CNC ram then restored to the new axis card.
   3) Dash 1 to Dash 5: The spindle card bottom bullet connector reads the orientation magnet instead of the Resolver. This input is what defines a "Spindle Card" or an "Axis card".

When installing a replacement board:
To install a replacement you simply need to move the software eproms and the J4 jumper (see below) from the original board to the replacement board.
Below is a brief discussion about the Axis Controller board, jumpers and eproms. 

Compatibility with CPU boards:
Below is a compatibility chart showing the 1010 axis card numbers and the 1400-1 thru 1400-5 CPU boards.
For example, the chart shows the 1010-1 axis cards are only usable with the 1400-1 and 1400-2 CPU boards. Also that the 1010-4 axis control card is compatible with the 1400-2 thru 1400-5 CPU boards.

Fadal 1010 axis compatibility chart


Notes about the Axis Controller card:

 Fadal axis jumper settings

The 5 to 12 logic Jumper
This Jumper is for defining the proper rotation direction and is used for run-away test at power up.  This jumper may or may not be installed due to other wire connections; DC Motor and Tech red/black combinations or AC motor direction depending on axis. Typically the XY axis rotated the opposite direction to the Z axis when going the same direction.

The other Jumpers are used to identify the axis; either XYZAB the card. You cann't have a jumper set to "X" and install it in the "Y" slot. 

For the 1010-6 axis card has the same logic at the J4 connection jumper and is printed on the printed circuit board.

Axis Boards 1010-1, 1010-4 and 1010-5 at the J4 Jumper Block are as follows:
Slot 9- X 1010 Axis Controller - Normal X axis (jumper 5 to 12, 7 to 10, 8 to 9 with all else open)
Slot 9- X Axis Controller - 4020 w/ Pallet Changer, 3020, 4525 (jumper 7 to 10, 8 to 9 with all else open)

Slot 10- Y Axis Controller (jumper 5 to 12, 6 to 11, 8 to 9 with all else open)

Slot 11- Z Axis Controller (jumper 8 to 9 with all else open)

Slot 14- Spindle - C Axis Controller (jumper 5 to 12, 6 to 11 with all else open)

This message appears on power up. An illogical DC motor-tach jumper configuration (5-12) or failed component may cause the axis to runaway in the opposite direction of the command signal. To prevent runaway, axis operation is halted and this error message is displayed.

The XYZAB Axis Controller EPROMs
Fadal 1010-1 software eproms

The eproms above are from the 1010-1 card and are located at location U19 and U20. The software version is V88.9B
At U19, labeled X-TAB is the eprom the contains the X axis screw compensation. This eprom has all zero's for the compensation when purchasing a new eprom. It is not possible to change the screw pitch error compensation with the 1010-1 controller. You would need to upgrade the 1400 CPU board and the axis controllers to be able to use the SV command and enter the calibrated values.

The 1010-4 has two program EPROMs U7 & U10 and comp., gain & offset are stored in EEPRO
The 1010-5 has two program EPROMs U15 & U18 and comp., gain & offset are stored in EEPROM
The 1010-6 has two program EPROMs U15 & U18 and comp., gain & offset are stored in EEPROM
Each version of the Axis Controller board requires its own software. The –5 & -6 versions use the same software.

AC Brushless EPROMs
Fadal axis eproms for the 1010-5 card

The Brushless Eproms are identified as U18 and U15 and must match the board location U18 and U15.
As for the "AC-XYZ" label, the "AC" indicates brushless motor software which uses encoders for motor feedback and not resolver feedback. The "XYZ" identifies for use with the linear axis XY and Z. For the rotary, it will read as "ABNOLIM" for AB axis without any travel limits. It is common for the B-axis to have AB120P30N for 120 positive travel and 30 negative travel limits. Also notice the version number AC0012-5, the -5 indicates for use with the 1400-5 axis controller, this Eprom can also be used with the 1010-6 axis controller. 

Spindle EPROMs
Fadal spindle card software eproms

The Spindle control card uses a special version of software. The version above is for spindle motors using an open-loop spindle (non-rigid tap configuration), either a Inverter or a Vector drive. The Eproms for Rigid Tap will be labeled RIGID TAP.

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