MTR-0010 Glentek (DC)


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Genuine OEM - Not "Substitution"


Fadal Part Number MTR-0010
Glentek Part Number GM6000, GM6060

The MTR-010 is a DC brush motor for XYZ axes for VMC Models using Box or Linear Ways with a metric pitch Ball Screw (400-900 ipm rapid traverse).  Interchangeable, the Baldor and Glentek were both used as standard motors in production.
   Standard motor for 6030 and 8030
   Standard motor for all machines using Metric Ball Screws
   Also used with .200 pitch screws for higher thrust applications.
   Resolver Feedback for position feedback
   Precision DC Tachometer for velocity feedback provides smooth rotation for best finishes.

For DC Brush Amplifiers:
  Glentek AMP-0021

NOTE: Always reduce the amplifiers current limit to avoid excessive amperage going to motor and causing permanent damage to the motor.

Knowledge of product since 1977
Buy with confidence from NXGEN CNC

Below are some thoughts to consider when replacing the MTR-0010

  • New or Used? - beware, some motors are being sold as "new" or "reman" when actually they are just cleaned-up, painted and passed off as such.  
    The manufactures serial number is the only way to tell if the unit is new and has all the latest design revisions. The date code is embedded in the serial number coding and it's easy to tell if your getting the "Real McCoy".

  • Mechanicals - all motors are not the same!.  They may look the same; "cast the same shadow" but that doesn't mean they are the same. You don't know what you getting until to disassemble the motor and see how it was designed.  
    Experience has taught that lesson. Twice, years ago at Fadal we tried numerous motors and they all failed long term tests.  It wasn't until we disassemble completely did we find out how lousy some "Name Brand" motors were built.  
    Servo Motors aren't your ordinary washing machine motors. They require quality and precision in all aspects. 
    We plan on adding more specific information about motors soon for both new and repaired motors.

  • DC Servo Performance - The factory motors have a carefully designed system. This is a critical design aspect for smooth contouring. System imperfections cause a "ripple" effect in the smooth operation, which translates directly in the finish. Many other design aspects influence the servo performance, here's just a few:
    1) The DC RPM Tachometer is a precise generator that creates a DC voltage proportionate to the motor rpm. Cheaper designs without a silver commutator produce inferior reference voltage. The amplifier will respond to any imperfections in electro/mechanical noise or voltage spikes.
    2) Precision Brush Commutation design ensures elimination of "Torque Ripple" common with cheaper motors. Torque ripple no only causes noise but results in a inferior surface finish when machining a part. Glentek also takes care to precisely match the brushes to the motor shaft commutator. Rather than having a "flat" brush contact, the Glentek motor brushes are curved to precisely fit the commutators diameter. This precise fit reduces noise and increases the life of the brush by virtually eliminating wear, brush heat and commutator burn common to inferior designed motors.
    3) Feedback coupling - only a constant velocity coupler can eliminate alignment errors between the motor shaft and the feedback shaft. Without constant velocity, the feedback positioning within a rotation of the motor creates a "pulsation" that is transferred to the surface finish when contouring.

  • Motor Input Power - The factory amplifier outputs are matched for specific motor windings.  Too little current and the motor doesn't produce enough torque (thrust).  Too much current and the motors windings will over heat, "melting" the insulation and/or windings and burning up the motor.
    The amplifiers have a "Current Limit" adjustment procedure for avoiding too much current being applied to the motor. See Tech Documents section for procedure that will help you to stop replacing motors or contact us to discuss what you can do for all your motors.

  • UL-CE-CSA Electrical Ratings - to commonly, substitute/imitation parts have not gone through the expensive process of having the motor approved by the rigorous testing for safety and RF standards.  Qualified replacements must be used In order to maintain these ratings and not impact the Electrical Code approval of the machine.


Total Motor Support!

With us you're not just getting a "Motor In A Box!"

Here's four key examples of the Total Support our customers receive:
Diagnose - Direct help in determining if you really do need to replace the motor. Based on experience having worked as part of the engineering team that originally designed the Fadal motors. Our knowledge helps us determine if there's other elements in the servo system that need to be addressed before replacing an amplifier.
Documentation - We provide very simple and concise, step by step instructions on how to install and get your replacement motor in and running.  With our documentation we also include Preventative Maintenance tips to help avoid future failures.
Warranty - Just like "the old days", we value our relationship with each and every customer.  We are driven by fairness and committed to your satisfaction. 
Support - With the combination of our engineering background and direct interaction with Glentek, Baldor and Varedan engineers, you are getting the absolute best product support possible at installation and beyond.
The axis motors are one of the most important aspects of the machine.  Why buy something from someone without the engineering experience and the manufacturer's direct support?

True Engineering Knowledge and Experience you can Trust:
Below are a few examples of our machine engineering expertise with the servo systems back when your Fadal was designed.

Axis Hardware Development:
– DC motor/amplifier design, evaluation, testing and production QC, continually evaluated many different DC Brush motors and amplifiers, from just about every major manufacture in the industry walked in out door at one time or other.
– AC motor/amplifier design, evaluation, testing and production transition, working directly with Glentek engineers in 1997 to develop both the Fadal AC Brushless motors and amplifiers, then creating a second source solution with Baldor Electric.
– Glass Scales; integration and testing of the machine servo control system<
– Temperature controlled balls screws
– Developed and Perfected the Ballbar standard with Renishaw
– 1010-5 axis controller for the CNC 88 controls

Axis Software Development:
– 1010 Axis and Spindle Software
-  Rigid Tap
– High Speed DNC - 1000 blocks per second
– Programmable Servo Gains
– Advanced Feed Forward (one of the patent holders)
– Manual Pulse Dry-Run
– XYZ Volumetric Compensation (never released)

That's True Knowledge and Experience!


Get More Than Just A Part-In-A-Box

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