Axis Motors

Call/Text us if you are having Amplifier Faults or Motor Overload Faults.

  • AMP-0030

    Fadal Part Number AMP-0030This part is a two axis DC amplifier chassis. This chassis contains the circuitry to convert the AC voltage that then powers the DC axis amplifiers.Note: Call before purchasing to verify the amplifier chassis you are replacing...

  • MTR-0002 Glentek (DC)

    MTR-0002 Glentek (DC)

    Genuine - Not "Substitution" Fadal MTR-0002 SPECIFICATIONS: Fadal Part Number MTR-0002Glentek Part Number GM4050F The MTR-0002 is a DC brush motor used for XYZ axes for Fadal VMC Models using Box or Linear Ways with a inch pitch Ball Screw (400...

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  • MTR-0003 Glentek (DC)

    MTR-0003 Glentek (DC)

    Genuine OEM - Not "Substitution" Fadal MTR-0003 SPECIFICATIONS: Fadal Part Number MTR-0003Glentek Part Number GM4020 (previously GM4020FS)The MTR-0003 is a DC Motor used for Fadal TR65 (A axis), VH65 and VH5C Rotary Heads.Resolver...

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  • MTR-0010 Glentek (DC)

    MTR-0010 Glentek (DC)

    Genuine OEM - Not "Substitution" Fadal MTR-0010 SPECIFICATIONS: Fadal Part Number MTR-0010Glentek Part Number GM6000, GM6060The MTR-010 is a DC brush motor for XYZ axes for VMC Models using Box or Linear Ways with a metric pitch Ball...

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  • MTR-0139 Glentek (AC)

    MTR-0139 Glentek (AC)

    Genuine OEM - Not "Substitutions" Fadal MTR-0139 SPECIFICATIONS: Fadal Part Number MTR-0139Glentek Part Number GMBF5030 AC Brushless Motor for Fadal machines. 5000 Line EncoderLinear Way Machines not using Metric pitch ball...

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  • MTR-0142 Glentek (AC)

    MTR-0142 Glentek (AC)

    Genuine OEM - Not "Substitutions" Fadal MTR-0142 SPECIFICATIONS: Fadal Part Number MTR-0142Glentek Part Number GMBF5060 AC Brushless Motor for Fadal XYZ axes.9182 Line EncoderMetric pitch ball screws, VMC 3016 to VMC 8030 For AC Brushless...

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  • MTR-0146 Baldor

    Genuine OEM - Not "Substitutions" Fadal MTR-0146 SPECIFICATIONS: Fadal Part Number MTR-0146AC Brushless Motor for Fadal XYZ axes. 8192 Line EncoderAC Brushless Motor for XYZ axes for VMC Models using Box Ways, except the VMC 6535 uses MTR-0188...

  • MTR-0188 Baldor

    Genuine OEM - Not "Substitutions" Fadal MTR-0188 SPECIFICATIONS: Fadal Part Number MTR-0188AC Brushless Motor for Fadal machine XYZ axes. 8192 Line EncoderAC Brushless Motor for XYZ axes for the VMC 6535Note: This motor is larger and has more...

  • MTR-0275


    Fadal MTR-0275 SPECIFICATIONS: Fadal Part Number: MTR-0275 (MTR-0133) Technical Description: MOTOR ASY;ATC SLDSLIDE;29 RPM BISON The MTR-0275 is a gear motor that uses a belt to bring the tool changer to the spindle and return it to the parked...

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